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NLP Changes

Neuro Linguistic Programming was established and developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler. It has been described as “like having a users manual for your brain”.
NLP pre-supposes that

• Everyone possesses a unique map of the world which is the result of registering sense impressions in their brain.
• People possess the inner resources that are necessary to solve their problems and make changes in their life
• A person’s unconscious can and should be engaged in the process of change.
• Mind and body are part of the same system and anything occurring in one part of the system will affect the whole system.

NLP strategies and principles can be utilised when working with
Personal Change, Behaviours, Habits, Phobias, Weight Management, Communication, Relaxation, Stress Management, Relationships, Conflict Resolution, Skill Development
Reg Chapman’s NLP qualifications are Australian Government accredited and personally endorsed by Dr. John Grinder with whom Reg has undertaken advanced training.

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